“We’ve All Been Humbled by a Little Thing”

One warm August morning I was determined to “do something” with Lucas. There is a grocery store within walking distance of our apartment and it seemed like a good day for seafood. Lucas was five months old and I had just started my stay-at-home mom journey - if you read my first post you know at this point it was still AMAZAZING. We had a nice walk and I was browsing the store as if he wasn’t with me (MISTAKE). Lucas loves being carried in the Ergo-360 so I thought I had nothing to worry about, even if it was getting close to nap time. We were in the store for 10 minutes before I heard the first squeals of discontent. I swayed and started to move a little faster around the store. Once we were in line I stood there rocking and talking to him, relieved that his small freakout stayed small. A friendly woman joined our line and smiled at Lucas. She asked his age and if he was my first child. She commended my baby entertainment/soothing methods and then she said the most remarkable thing I’d heard in five months, “you know, we’ve all been humbled by a little thing”. Her words were like a warm hug. We both shook our heads and laughed, I thanked her and we parted ways after I got through the line.

When I got to the car I thought over her words and teared up. Although I loved being with Lucas, I was overwhelmed by needing to take him everywhere and even the smallest outings were starting to feel like a chore. But I was past the initial postpartum stage! Shouldn’t it have been easier?! Truthfully, I still find myself saying this even though I know the answer is a big fat NOPE!

So here’s my second big postpartum tip (see the first here):

GRACE. If you’re religious you may have even heard this word at church on Sunday; I find it applicable to every space in life. I say it to every mom I know. Grace. Grace for yourself. Grace for your husband or partner. Grace for grandparents and in-laws. Grace for well-meaning siblings, friends, or neighbors. You don’t feel exactly like yourself, your baby is super cute but still an unknown, and your husband thinks you know everything he doesn’t. Honestly, I recommend grace at all points of parenthood and marriage!! But especially right after you have a baby. All the hormones. All the feelings. All the change. You deserve to be kind to yourself and that will take grace.

While your kids are bouncing off the walls this week after being full of candy and they’re breaking the toys in the Easter basket, remember that this moment is simply a moment! A moment deserving of grace. Happy Monday, mamas! May it be a week filled with 50% off candy, tasty leftovers, and love.

If you could give a mama you know one word of advice for the postpartum period, what would it be? Let me know in the comments!

Dashanna HanlonComment