Caring for Mamas

Caring for Mamas


Caring for Mamas is about all the services that I offer to moms and moms-t0-be. As a certified doula, I help women emotionally and physically prepare for birth and provide support in childbirth and postpartum. As a postnatal advocate, I help women feel prepared and excited about the next phase of their postpartum journey. I’m available as an adviser whether you are going back to work, staying at home with your little one, or are still figuring out which steps to take next.

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Dashanna Hanlon

Hello! I’m Dashanna Hanlon and I’m excited that you’re interested in learning more about me and Caring for Mamas!

There is plenty of advice and assistance available for women during pregnancy and maternity. However, there’s a misconception that after maternity leave life returns to “normal”, so the help generally ends there. Moms are expected to know how to handle everything from which cushion the keys are under to what everyone’s having for dinner while juggling the challenges of their next career or home life transition. I want to help make those transitions smoother. Caring for Mamas is my way of starting the conversation about how families navigate these transitions and what postpartum care looks like beyond the first twelve weeks.

Why I started Caring for Mamas:

I became certified as a birth and postpartum doula because I want to help women feel empowered from the first moments of motherhood. Postnatal advocacy is a concept that I imagined after struggling through a couple of postpartum transitions of my own. Like many other moms, I spent hours on messaging boards and apps asking “how do I go back to work?” and “ways to make going back to work easier but received no definitive answers. After learning from my mistakes, I went back to those same apps and message boards to share tips with lots of other women. Caring for Mamas allows me to offer personalized services to the moms I work with and make postnatal advocacy part of the postpartum care conversation.

And more:

I love my little family! My husband Tom and our one-year-old son Lucas are the funniest people I’ve ever met. We have an 85-lb German Shepherd named Ulysses, who is an angel on Earth. I moved to Boston after getting a Bachelor’s degree in English and Women’s Studies from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011. I love music and my fun fact is that I once auditioned for American Idol! If you’d like to get to know more about me, my journey as a mom, and my vision for Caring for Mamas, check out the blog!